About me

I am a graduate student in the Psychology department at Emory University pursuing a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. In general, I am a curious and inquisitive person who wanted a job where I could ask who, what, when, why, and how people think, decide, and act. As a matter of fact ANYONE can ASK those questions based on their daily intuitions about human nature, but I just happen to be in a position to potentially answer those intuitions. So join me in turning on the worlds thinking cap and let’s come up with some ideas that will change our understanding of the ‘Human Condition.’

When I’m not doing school work, you can find me trying to make my wife laugh, improving my game and competing on the basketball court, or enjoying the outdoors on a raft, kayak, or snowboard. If not there you’ll find me getting my extrovert fix by enjoying quality time with family and friends. Whether in the Boy Scouts, marching band, or winter guard, I’ve been fortunate to have teachers and mentors in my life that convey their passion through setting and leading by example. Through following their example I’ve been able to earn the Eagle Scout rank, become a Vigil honors member of the Order of the Arrow (the Boy Scout honor society), be part of a world class finalist color guard, and pursue a Ph.D. I am very fortunate to have had many people lead and care for my future, so my goal is to pay it forward with each day’s efforts.

I plan to post on the blog a few times a month, so if you’re interested in following my musings, keep your eye out. I’d also love to hear your ideas. Do you have ideas for psychological studies, but no resources to actually test them out? If so, post them here and maybe we can get a discussion started on how to pursue it!


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