11 things you didn’t know other people thought or did…until now

For some reasons I have some of my best thoughts as I’m falling asleep. I don’t remember what sparked the idea, but I think you’ll know what I’m talking about. In conversations I’ve had with friends I frequently find that people think some of the things that I thought only I thought or did. Here’s a list of these sorts of things:

1. Get anxious about having good thoughts as you fall asleep because you might forget them if you let yourself go to sleep without writing them down.

2. Watched the moon or sun chase their car when they were a kid.

3. Counted the rotations on a ceiling fan. Maintaining isolated vision on one fan blade. Seeing how long you can maintain your vision on one blade at a time.

4. Listen to the wax and wane of crowds as they give a long clap (for the outdoorsy people out there the wax and wane of the insects in the woods).

5. Listen to the volume at a party go up and down as people compensate for the volume of others and then realize nearly at the same time that it’s getting loud. Then it suddenly gets quieter. (And maybe your suddenly the only one who’s talking loud).

6. Stick your tongue out or do something else that is odd with your face when you’re focusing on something.

7. Left to go do something then forgot what you left to go do.

8. Wondered what you’d look like when you’re X years older than you are now. (i.e. When I was 7 or 8, I distinctly remember thinking I was going to have red hair for some reason when I was 16; perhaps because I had lots of freckles)

9. Not getting dressed unless you have to.

10. You have to move something continuously when your focused and thinking (Why do people need to do that??? I really want to know if there is some sort of cognitive benefit to moving while thinking)

11. Worried about what other people think about you, only to realize that if they think about themselves as much as you think about yourself they probably don’t have the time to think about you too. (This is both comforting and concerning…)

That’s just a few that I’ve come across, but I’d also like to hear what things you thought only you thought. Please leave them in comments below…

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