Going Viral

All of in internet world want to go viral? Right? Except in some cases where we want to share ourselves with just close friends out there, it seems that when we take our time to produce thoughts or works on a web page we hope others will appreciate them.

I have recently started producing some of my own online videos and as you know I’ve been writing in this blog a few times a week. I just had one of the videos I made “GoPro Color Guard” start to go viral today with 1,174 views of the video just today (1500 since Wednesday). I have to say, it’s a pretty cool feeling to know that over 1500 people have taken time out of there day to see what you produced. We’ll see where it goes, but hopefully the viewership will continue to grow.

Check out this video from YouTube’s Kevin Allocca on why videos go viral if your interested in trying to get your work out there.

Thanks for your time and hope you visit the blog again soon!

Update:  5,046 views in 2 days!  Awesome!

Update 2:   Tuesday, March 19th around 5 pm passed 10,000 views. Cool stuff, now lets get logarithmic!


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