Science Careers

I was recently made aware of an awesome tool for Ph.Ds trying to figure out what they want to do when the grow up. It is called the Individual Development Program (IDP) and is hosted by AAAS (American Academy of Arts and Sciences). It contains 3 surveys that ask about your science skills, interests, and values and then creates a profile of career ‘matches’ that fit your preferences on the survey. The surveys are well constructed and ask very relevant questions.  My best career matches included K-12 science teacher, professor at a teaching focused college, science education and outreach, and research professor at a university. I was particularly caught by the science education and outreach career and looked more into it.  I hadn’t really thought of that as an option before, but it seems like it would be a great way to stay current with cutting edge science and get to translate new and interesting science for non-scientist. Check out the Science Career Matcher link under my page links for more information and to do the surveys yourself.


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