Let’s give this another try…

Nothing like a Social Media conference to inspire you to get your forgotten blog going again.  I’m sitting in a break out session at SoCon 2013 at Kennesaw State University and learning about how a blog can help you own your online presence. Blogging can have all sorts of personal benefits including:

  • Why brand yourself by blogging
    • to be found online
    • to attract your ‘right’ employers
    • position yourself as active or an expert in your field
    • show your passion for certain activities
    • write posts that show that you possess qualities an employer would like to see
    • Provides better negotiating power for salary

Judi Knight’s suggestions are to:

  1. Use your name as the Domain
  2. Choose a simple theme with Blog on front page
  3. Nice color palette
  4. Photo of yourself in sidebar
  5. Follow icons
  6. Use a category widget for posts

I’m hosting a break out session this afternoon on ‘Your brain on Social Media’. I’m excited to see what this audience has to say about Brains. Should be interesting…


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